Complete Design System for AI Code Generation

First fully responsive, interactive Design System for Figma. Easy adjustable to your brand and allowing you to build from over 100+ components, section blocks while utilizing all Figma features.

Styles and Variables

Automated Tokens

Unlock our automation of design tokens in Figma. Select Primary and Secondary brand color and see changes reflected on all components. Same goes with Shadows, Spacing and Radii.

Auto Color Palette

Scalable Spacings & Radiuses

Figma UI components

Scalable UI Components

Best Figma practices included. Full set of buttons, fields, paginations, tags for building fast & scalable pages in Figma. Customize instantly with Master Components and responsible

12+ Components categories

Auto-Layout ready


Production-ready Components

All of the components you need for modern product design and websites


All button variants, including primary, secondary, outlined, and icon buttons, are meticulously designed for you


Comprehensive set of checkbox components, offering both single item selection and grouped checkboxes for versatile user interaction scenarios.


Multiple accordions, offering default, icon-enhanced, and smoothly animated accordion sections for organized content presentation.


Range of alert components, such as success, warning, and error alerts, ensuring effective communication of important messages to users.


Various chip options in our Figma design system, including basic, clickable, and deletable chips, to manage complex information or tags.


Radio button components for single item selection, as well as radio groups for efficiently managing options within user interfaces.


Tag components, featuring simple, clickable, and deletable tags, ideal for labeling, categorizing, and filtering content seamlessly.

Text field

From single-line to multi-line text fields, we cover all text input needs, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly experience across interfaces.

Drop Down

Dropdown menu components, offering basic, searchable, and nested dropdowns for versatile interface interactions.

Input Field

Diverse input field options, including text, numeric, and password input fields, crafted to accommodate various data entry requirements.

Toggle - Switch

Toggle switch components, available in default and themed styles, offering intuitive control over on/off states within interfaces.


Navigate through content seamlessly with pagination components, featuring basic, compact, and clickable pagination options.

Pages Building Blocks

Section Blocks

Crafted with responsiveness in mind, utilizing auto-layouts to seamlessly translate into fully responsive code with our Figma plugin.

100+ Different Section Variants

Responsiveness built in


Building Blocks

The complete toolkit for website creation and product design needs

Headers / Navigations

Hero Banners

Call to Actions

Logo Strips

Content Cards



Team Members


Notification Banners






Redefine design collaboration with Codejet

Design in Figma Design System, convert with our Plugin, and implement effortlessly with AI Code Generator

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