Figma Plugin turning
Designs to Code

Codejet Plugin seamlessly converts auto layout frames natively in Figma to clean code that you can edit in Visual Editor or export.


Synced with Jet UI Design System

Assistant was built to primarly work with Codejet Design Components. You can also use it for your current Figma designs that suports auto layout.

Assistant in Figma

Auto layout Assistant

Our Codejet Assistant will make sure that your designs are compatible with Figma auto layout ready and code will be fully aligned with Responsive Web Design

Identifies components without auto layout

Verification before code generation

Code Generation

Turn ready designs into clean code

Generate code with one click using our Figma Plugin and launch your website in no time

Edit after export

Our Figma Plugin allows you to export or edit your website in a visual editor and launch it quickly

Selected frames export

Instead of writing code focus on adjustments and launching. Export is done for you

Redefine design collaboration with Codejet

Design in Figma Design System, convert with our Plugin, and implement effortlessly with AI Code Generator

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